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Opening Crossover Ceremony



 This ‘sugar bowl’ began to show up on maps of Island Grove that were drawn in the late 1800’s.  Some have speculated that it was always there, and hence possibly made by a crater, others have surmised that it is the spot where soil was taken to make the road from Park Avenue.  Regardless of its origin, the Abington’s Cub Scout Pack 11 has made good use of it for nearly 10 years. Each spring, cub scouts formally ascend into the sugar bowl from Park Avenue.  They seat themselves along the slope of the bowl, parents watching on from the greater ground.  David Chambers, Cub scouts Chairman describes the setting like this, “The meeting begins with the Cubs summoning Akela, the legendary great leader of the wolf pack.  He answers by magically igniting the campfire. On some occasions, a Native American Chief has come to visit, paddling over by canoe.  Each boy will now advance in rank. A scout leader removes the boy’s neckerchief, which indicates his current rank of Tiger, Wolf or Bear. The scout then crosses the birch bridge to his new rank, Wolf, Bear or Webelos, where another leader puts on the new neckerchief of appropriate rank. This is the culmination of a year’s worth of learning about such things as America, the outdoors, good health, and having a lot of fun.”  This very formal and thoughtful occasion is always a greatly anticipated event among the cub scouts. 


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Story Time!

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